How do I know if I qualify for Former Student Discount?

           If you have attended Texas A&M as a student you can qualify for educational pricing.

How do you confirm my Former Student status?

           We will check The Association of Former Student directory to confirm status.

What discounts can I receive?

           On Laptops/Desktop discounts range from $50-$200 depending on which model you choose. 

           On Applecare® discounts range from $20-$110 depending on which model it is for. 

           On iPads® discounts are $20.

Can I visit my local Apple® store and receive my Former Student discount

           No, your Former Student discount is available EXCLUSIVELY through MacResource Computers Authorized Campus Store. 

I’m not in College Station, am I still eligible for the discount? 

           Absolutely! You can place your order through our online store here and choose your delivery method at checkout. 

How can I learn about special events with additional savings? 

          Join our Former Student mailing list and  follow us on Facebook and Twitter for updated event information.


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